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Welcome to the blog where we document some of our adventures for family and friends.  All posts are in chronological order here, or you can choose from the tabs above to see just sailing or camping adventures, or maintenance and upgrade projects.

Lexor (2018-) Help us name the new van!

Sailing Vessel Intuition (2002 - 2009)
Sprinter Van Intuition (2014-2018 )

Why do we Blog?
Back in 2006, we set out on a year long sailing trip when our son was seven. Posting daily blog entries assured his grandparents that he was safe every night. We chose the Blogger platform because it allowed us to post using email transmitted via amateur (Ham) radio from remote islands. The sailing trip was a wonderful one year sabbatical from work.

After another seven years of corporate life, we retired and decided to explore places we hadn't visited by boat. Finding a very lightly used Pleasure-way Plateau TS while on vacation in Florida, we started a new set of adventures. Loving photography and wanting to share our stories with family members, we started posting again.

How to Use this Site
You can access over 300 historical posts by clicking on the three bars in the upper right corner of the screen and the down arrow beside "Older Blog Posts." The drop down menu will also link to a map of all the places we've camped in the van. Or you can click here Map Link. Clicking on a spot on the map will show the name of the campground. It you want to find what we've written about that campground, type the name in the search box to find our blog entry.

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