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Friday, May 24, 2019

Durango Shop Tour

Another night at United Campground in Durango allowed early morning photos of the trains heading north to Silverton. You can just see our van behind locomotive 480.
Strapped the cell phone to a fence post for video. I'll post a link here once that is uploaded to YouTube.
All the train crews, like this engineer, were friendly and excited to talk about the railroad.
Blue skies should make this a better day for train buffs to ride the open air car. Unlike yesterday, there is no snow in today's forecast.
One last glimpse of the train passing through the campground before we head out.
Back in town we walked to the station for our Shop and Yard tour.
All is quiet since the two trains have already left for Silverton.
The tour is only a $5 add-on. Believe it or not, Beth and I were the only people signed-up.
Yard duties are performed by engine #1. Built in 1957, the 100 ton engnie has occasionally been called into passenger service.
The tower is only two stories tall.
Coal, sand, and water are loaded into tenders here.
Freight service has been displaced by trucking, so lots of old boxcars are used for storage.
Steam engines wait for a spin on the turntable.
Diesel engines and even a front loader are used to move steam locomotives around when they aren't  fired up.
Economics prevents the restoration of all the equipment.
When they do undertake restoration, bright lights allow for beautiful paint application.
Inside the roundhouse, stalls allow access to the underside of locomotives.
With the extensive knowledge of steam engines here, other railroads send their equipment to these shops for service.
Yes, that's a technician working inside a locomotive firebox.
This photo could have been taken any time in the last ninety years.
Wheels aren't huge on these narrow gauge engines.
The tire shop changes out steel tires as they wear, on these wheel sets.
Thanking our guide, we walked back to the station...
...and exited through the gift shop. The only thing we purchased was a Book and DVD set about the history of the railroad.
If we hadn't brought our little home with us, the Strater Hotel might have been a fun place to stay.

Returning to the van, we prepared lunch before heading out towards our next adventure.

We'll end three days of railroad posts with this map of the routes between Durango and Silverton.

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