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Friday, May 10, 2019

Capital Tour, Goodwood and Torryea

After an early morning stroll on the boardwalk we left Manatee Springs heading for Tallahassee.

The 128 mile morning drive was very different from South Florida. Traffic was minimal and there were thirty mile stretches without a gas stations or store.

Arriving in Tallahassee, we were fortunate to find shaded on-street parking.

The Historic Florida Capitol building is open and beautifully preserved as a museum.

Central Staircase

Governor's Office

Florida Supreme Court with an emeritus member of the Florida Bar

Florida Senate Chamber

Looking up into the capitol dome

Directly behind the historic capitol is the new state capitol tower.

An elevator to the 22nd floor enables commanding views of the area from all four sides of the building.

With the capitols in our rear view mirror, we drove through Tallahassee to visit Goodwood Museum and Gardens.

Built in the 1830's the Goodwood main house has an attractive cupola and a shaded front porch from which to escape the Florida sun.

The barn was as impressive as the main house.

Birds no longer populate the aviary.

Here's the abbreviated history on the historical marker.
The gardener's house may have been a precursor to the tiny house movement.

The rusty mechanisms in the greenhouse looked as if they hadn't been used in many years. With very little blooming in the gardens, we decided to leave before the next scheduled home tour.

Another hour down the road we arrived at Torryeya State Park under drizzly grey skies.

This park has a connection to Goodwood through Hardy Croom, who discovered the Torreya tree here.

We arrived in time to catch the 4:00 guided tour of the 1849 Gregory House

Central Hall and Staircase

Study and Dining room

Impressive sitting room with piano

The campground sits on a bluff with nice views of the river. Unfortunately there is significant hurricane damage and many of the trails are closed. Possibly because of this, the powered site fee was only $16 per night. We plugged in to shore power and ran the air conditioner until after dark, successfully avoiding the abundant mosquitos.

I liked the idea of this community building with screened windows, games, and rocking chairs for days when the weather isn't conducive to being outdoors.

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