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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Albuquerque Friends

Leaving Bar Z and Canyon behind at 0915, we crossed into New Mexico at 1100. Setting our clocks back an hour at the Welcome Center, we then headed west to Tucumcari where there is a nicely restored railroad station containing an interesting little museum.
Not officially open until noon, a volunteer docent graciously opened the doors early. One other traveler was waiting patiently when we arrived.

The line is very active and three long freight trains rolled through in the hour of our visit.
Though the station hasn't changed much, motive power surely has. This historic photo shows a steam engine billowing smoke to accelerate passengers on a westward journey.
Dad pun aside, this is a good summary of railroad consolidation.
By 3:00 we were filling up our tank at Costco in Albuquerque. While in town, we met up with old friends from campus school days, Gary and Rebs who let us driveway camp. Heading out to dinner we remembered old times and caught up on their interesting lives.
Family style vegetarian Vietnamese food was abundant and delicious.
They even captured a photo of these two old folks.
Here's a link to the restaurant in case anyone is looking for really good vegetarian and vegan meals in Albuquerque.

We stayed up late chatting with Gary and Rebs before retiring to the van for a quiet night in the city.

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