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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Friends and Blueberries

Walked down to the St John's river at Blue Springs State Park again before we left. This fisherman looked like he was totally relaxed as he drifted by the Cypress Trees.

Leaving the river behind, we headed southwest to Lake Dora.

Art & Joyce Duser, along with their two cats welcomed us to Mount Dora. We met Art & Joyce in the Durham Sail & Power Squadron and kept our boats in the same marina. We enjoyed going out to lunch and catching up with them. In addition to boating, Art and I share an interest in trains. He is reading The Railway Detective series by Edward Marston. I like series where you can get to know a character. With fifteen books so far, I'll look for these at our library.
Like so many places in Florida, there are covenants in the neighborhood that don't allow RV's to park overnight. Fortunately, we found a Harvest Hosts location on the other side of the lake!
Brennan at Far Reach Ranch welcomed us and apologized for not having their RV spots built yet. He directed us to a parking lot for a rental home overlooking a natural area. I don't know of any Harvest Hosts that have special built camping spots, so they may be the first. The ranch is a U-pick Blueberry Farm with lots of wild acreage and are branching out into swamp buggy tours, archery, and even yoga classes.

We were excited about restocking our blueberry supply, but they didn't have any frozen ones packaged in less than 20 pound bags. Unfortunately, that wasn't going to work in our tiny van freezer. We did buy some blueberry jam and blueberry salsa. This would be a great stop in the spring when we could pick fresh berries.
Asking if we liked old cars, the young lady that we paid for our goodies took us into a back area that housed a beautiful collection of restored vintage automobiles. I had to take a photo of this Lincoln for my uncle who still goes to his Lincoln dealership every day and is well into his eighth decade.

We were invited to walk the property, but warned to beware of snakes and alligators because it is Florida. We made dinner in the van and enjoyed the sunset and subsequent temperature drop as we settled in for a quiet night.

We really enjoy the Harvest Hosts program and signed up for another year. If you are interested in joining, click here for a discount code:
Harvest Hosts

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