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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Lagun Table Mount - Again

One of the best upgrades we made to the old camping van was installing a swiveling table mount, so the first modification to our new Lexor was to add the Lagun table mount.

While Pleasure-Way listens to customers and is adding this to the 2019 van features, our 2018 model just missed the changeover. We actually talked to our dealer about waiting, but the new features come with a $5K price increase. That info made the decision to stick with the 2018 version easy! For those with older vans, here's a link to our first installation in a 2014 Plateau TS (New Table Leg).

Having a small van, space is at a premium. With this in mind, we repurposed one of the bed boards as a table top. This frees up space in the closet as the bed board is always in use. When it is just the two of us, and we don't plan to entertain, we leave the large table and post at home.

Lots of folks have done this, and even more have expressed interest, so the following info shows how we installed ours. Thanks are due to Jim Colombo and Gilles Therreault from the Pleasure-Way RV Group on Facebook for their examples of how to access the underbelly of the starboard settee.

We ordered the Lagun table leg and an extended base mount for a total of $196 including shipping. Though the company is based in Europe, they keep stock in the US enabling delivery in 1-3 days.

I sanded the boards and Beth applied two coats of stain.

She also stained the extended base block. It is made of ash.

The passenger side ottoman in the Lexor TS contains plumbing, wiring, and a big inverter, limiting the areas where the mounting plate can be installed. We chose a clear area just aft of the inverter. Access wasn't easy since Pleasure-Way did a nice job of finishing off the inside of the ottoman, even installing carpet.

Warning - Do this at your own risk! Be sure to turn off all the power sources to the inverter before proceeding. I'm not an RV professional, so take my advice with a large grain of salt.

Removed the two screws and lifted the bottom board.

Removed the plywood support closest to the inverter that prevents the cover under the electrical box from coming out.

Gently coaxed that cover out. It was very tight on our unit.

Removed the two corner brackets freeing the carpeted cover over the inverter to move.

Moved that cover far enough to allow access to the back of the mounting area. We saw no reason to completely remove the cover.

Cut the wooden backing plate to fit the area.

Drilled the four holes in the ottoman using the extended base mount as a guide. We used the backing plate to protect the inverter and wires just in case I got overzealous while drilling the holes.
The extended base kit (lower package) comes with extra long bolts to accommodate all the layers. Locking nuts and washers are included with the basic mount. All of the attachment hardware is stainless steel.

We assembled the mount "sandwich" with the backing plate inside, the extended base mount on the outside, and the mounting plate on the very outside of that.
After tightening the included locknuts, the mount was very secure.

We reassembled the interior of the ottoman.

Here's the finished table leg mount.

And how the table leg fits.
Simultaneous to the work on the mount, we finished the bed boards with six coats of Captain's Varnish. I proved I'm not good at varnishing, but the boards are protected and they can always be refinished if we get ambitious.

Attaching a table top to the mount was easy.  Six wood screws are included in the kit. We chose to mount it a little off center so that there is a choice in how close the table is depending on how it is rotated.

The extruded aluminum base allows for attaching the leg to the base for storage.

Here's the finished installation configured for dining.

Swung over the port side settee to use as a computer desk.

And, finally, as additional counter space for the galley over the starboard settee.

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