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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Seaplanes and Sailing

Enjoyed a long weekend at Fairfield Harbor with good friend Jim Thompson. The intent was to get his sailboat cleaned up. With a seaplane fly-in scheduled at the nearby Bridgeton Marina, the weekend became more about fun than cleaning. Discovering that crews from Temptation and Bubbles were also going to be there, it quickly became a cruiser's reunion weekend where we played games, ate too much, and retold stories of sailing together in the Bahamas.

The motley crews gathered on the bleachers to get oriented.

Long lenses were abundant, but not really needed. Planes took off and landed right offshore, then buzzed the marina for an up close and personal experience.
Lots of seaplane photos follow, with a few sailing pictures at the end.

For more about the fly-in, click through the the Wings Over Bridgeton web site.
This plane is from our old stomping grounds in the Adirondack Mountains.

Captains Jim & Earl
Capt Jim wondering if this could be his next dinghy.
Captain Craig
Captain Jim checking out a restored 1958 Trojan runabout. The Triangle wooden boat society had some beautifully preserved vessels on display.
Oh, and we did finally get Jim's boat cleaned up. Not only that, but we took Skat out on a shake-down cruise. We shook-out more than expected when raising the sails. Beth knocked off Paper Wasp and Mud Dauber wasp nests with no injuries to the crew!
Looking back at Fairfield Harbor and Northwest Creek Marina.
Heading out onto the Neuse River. Raising the sails and knowing Skat is ready for her next adventure brought the fun weekend to a close.

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