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Monday, May 25, 2015

Screen Door

Beth repurposed a spare screen from our defunct screen tent to work in the van. She slipped the edges behind the big door gasket and it looks like it was designed to be there. Keeping things cool and bug free will be most welcome during summer adventures.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Projects

We did see Noah yesterday on Mother’s day. He took the time at school to engrave a card on acrylic using a laser in the new fabrication  lab.  It shouldn’t surprise us that he would find a unique method of making a card. 

On the RV front, we found a telescoping soft brush that makes washing the van much easier.  We washed it this week and started waxing, but ran out of steam.  Will continue when I’m feeling better. It is a much bigger job than waxing our mini cooper.  We discovered why the  refrigerator wasn’t working from the battery.  The factory had installed a 15 amp circuit breaker on a refrigerator circuit that needed close to 30 amps!  They had labeled it on the panel as 30 amps, but when we pulled the actual breaker out to test it saw that it was only rated at 15 amps. We are hopeful that this will let us run the refrigerator from the batteries while we are driving. It should run from AC, DC, or propane, so we should be able to keep food cold just about anywhere.

To take the chill off on cold nights, we purchased a small heater.  The van has a propane heater with thermostat and blower, but it is very loud. The one night we used it, the fan woke us up every time it cycled on. Finding a small electric Vornado heater turned out to be a good thing as it is almost silent and we can use it for "free" when plugged in to shore power. It has three fan speeds, a thermostat, safety switch if it tips, and fits in the overhead compartments.

The last project was taking old foil bubblewrap and making a reflector for the van windshield.  This dramatically cuts down on the heat from the sun. For storage, we roll it up and store it behind the driver's seat.

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