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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valve Stems

Sprinter 3500 vans have dual rear wheels for weight handling and Pleasure-way installs good looking hubcaps to improve their appearance. This combination makes it almost impossible to reach the valve stems.  Polling members of the Pleasure-way Yahoo group, we found a solution named DuallyValve. You can see the valves before they were installed below:

The valves work well, though they needed to be adjusted (bent with a socket wrench) a little after installation to line-up with the holes in the hub caps.

Kits can be ordered from Your Tire Shop Supply.

Follow-up note (3/2017): There have been two occasions where we contacted the company about getting new seal gaskets and a replacement stabilizer. There was nothing wrong with the product, but dealers rotating the tires messed-up and lost parts. Both times the company quickly responded to email questions and sent replacement parts at no charge. The most recent time was over two years after purchase. That is great customer service!

Beth had the tire work done during a cold spell.  Wet roads and freezing temperatures in sunny North Carolina resulted in very unique hubcaps.

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