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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Robinson Fuso

Did a double-take and turned around after passing this unique RV parked in a local independent Land-Rover service lot.  Turns out Robinson-Fuso has had many interesting adventures and the owners, Jon & Emily Turner, publish a great blog.  Check it out at:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Check-up. What's Underneath?

All vehicles need maintenance, so we scheduled our first visit to a Mercedes-Benz service department. Even though we only had 4,868 miles, we thought it would be best to have everything gone over in the 2013 van. Took it to Leith Mercedes in Raleigh guessing that they have more experience than the new dealership closer to home in Durham.  Since it is hard to get a good view of the undercarriage, we asked if they would let us come look when it was up on the rack. Shawn, the technician took the time to point out the various parts and was very complementary on how Pleasure-Way had done the plumbing and wiring additions.  After rotating the tires he showed us how to remove the internal MB hubcaps and recommended upgrading to Michelin LAX tires when ours need to be replaced.  Updated engine software and the standard 10K service amounted to $305.79. Worth it for the personalized service though next time we'll ask them not to top off the DEF fluid or replace the batteries in the remote controls.  Even we can handle those tasks!

Propane Tank

Heat shielding around the plumbing near the exhaust

Emissions control with sensors before and after

Front wheel well

Rear wheel well

There is a little space between the PVC hose storage and the rear of the van.  Maybe a sewer elbow could be stored there.

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