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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fast Forward

New, to us, Pleasure-Way Plateau-TS
After taking a ten year hiatus to return to the working world, life has allowed us to resume full-time adventuring. The "vessel" this time is a van. Instead of sailing vessel, sv now stands for sprinter van,  so we get to keep the name svIntuition.

Beth looks at home in the Driver's Seat
We had been looking for a camper van for some time and focused on conversions done by Pleasure-Way after seeing older models that stood up well after more than ten years of camping. Being comfortable with diesels from our boating days, we were drawn to the Sprinter Vans made by Mercedes-Benz.

Gathering with family in Florida for Thanksgiving, we volunteered to pick-up Beth's niece at the Fort Lauderdale airport. When we realized there was an RV dealer practically at the end of the runway we drove down early to check-out their selection. Surprisingly, they had a recent trade-in that was the model, and even the colors, that we like. It is a 2014 Pleasure-Way Plateau TS built on a 2013 Sprinter chassis. We have to thank Beth's neice for being patient when we took her back to the dealership instead of to the beach. Noah, and everyone else, was shocked that we bought it that day.

svIntuition at Jonathan Dickinson State Park

A few days for paperwork and we were camping at a state park near the family. Now we have lots to learn as we embark on land cruising.

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