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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Little Dinghy in Titusville

The dinghy came back yesterday and we did grocery shopping today before returning the car. Bought break at Sunrise Bread Company, a great little bakery in Titusville within walking distance of the marina where they actually bake all kinds of bread daily. Anyway, the plan was to leave first thing Thursday morning, but plans change. While bailing rainwater out of the dinghy, I became a little concerned since the bottom wasn’t getting completely dry. Trying to sponge it dry led me to taste the water and it wasn’t fresh -- the replacement window leaks!  The shop that fixed it came right up from Cocoa and picked the dinghy up for further repairs, but It looks like we will be in Titusville for a few more days.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Contented in Titusville

“Gator” delivered the dinghy yesterday and it was dry!  He found leaks in the hull liner that were letting water in. We zoomed around in the ICW for a few minutes and the water stayed on the outside of the boat.  

Test day for Noah turned out well. He did great and actually finished early in the day. Beth bought raspberry scones for a morning snack and we were serenaded by a woman practicing the Celtic Harp on the boat next door. Those were two pleasant surprises! 

Wayne & Jill Poston from NW Creek caught up with us today aboard “Born to Cruise.” It is good to see familiar faces.

While cleaning things up for departure we waved to an arriving Island Packet as we usually do to a sister ship. This one is named “Contented Turtle” and happened to have an eight-year old boy aboard who is studying third grade using Calvert. David and Noah struck up a friendship immediately and we’ve found all kinds of commonalities between families. We decided to stay another day to let the boys socialize. Noah finally found someone else interested in Yugi-oh cards. Contented Turtle is headed to the Exumas too, so we hope to visit with them again along the way.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


We take time out to visit Mark’s parents in Largo and to give thanks for being able to live our dreams this year.

Before leaving Orlando, we stopped at Diver’s Direct and purchased wetsuits and other supplies needed to keep warm in the water this winter. While his parents were struggling in and out of various sized  rubber suits, Noah was put to work organizing hats, making sure that the sizes were on the right place in the racks and checking that the weights were in the correct bins. He earned $1.00 in two hours and was given an employee t-shirt. He is very proud of his first “real” job and we are grateful to the staff for making him feel useful.

We’re now in Largo visiting and staying warm during this unusual cool snap. It did turn out to be a good time for flying kites. We tried out the kite we found in Charleston at the city park here yesterday. It flew very well, but the wind was enough that it was pulled from Noah’s hands and bounced across the field faster than we could catch it. A tree snagged the spool and, luckily, a park employee brought a lift to rescue it.  Noah and Grandpa went on a bird counting expedition at the Largo Nature Park. Noah counted 67 birds from Wood Storks to Parakeets and even saw a couple of alligators.

We’ve made a Costco run and a Target run so we are stocked up with food for the final six months of the trip. We also bought smaller clothes since, even though we are eating lots, the activity has reduced our waistlines!

Noah made a trip to the library and has been devouring the Dragon Slayer’s Academy books. Did find a fun book with a Turkey theme for Thanksgiving. “The Hoboken Chicken Emergency” by Daniel Pinkwater is a hoot.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Disney World

We promised Noah a vacation a Disney as a break from boat life, so over to Orlando we drove. Spent two days at the four parks and had a very enjoyable time. Riding the monorails was a favorite activity, especially when we were able to ride in the cab with the pilot. Noah rode his first roller coasters. His favorite rides were the Star Wars ride at MGM Studios and Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. MGM studios was lit up for the season with miniature lights covering all the buildings in the back lot. After sunset, they were synchronized to music and created quite an effect. Noah was thrilled when it started snowing during the show. We took the safari tour at Animal Kingdom first thing in the morning and the animals were active. The parks were not crowded and we were fortunate to not have long waits for anything. Beth took a behind-the-scenes tour of the gardens at Epcot and learned how to make cucumbers with mickey mouse ears. Saturday night we stayed for the fireworks show at Epcot. It was so chilly that the food vendors ran out of hot chocolate, but the show was well worth the wait.

Relaxing at Disney
No Concern Over Amp Hours at Disney World
Noah in a Different Cockpit

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Manatees & Rockets

We decided to stay in Titusville an extra day so that we could try to see the launch of a new GPS satellite. Drove the rental car down to Port Canaveral where a park gives a good view of the launch pads at the Air Force Base which is just South of the Shuttle Launch facility. The wind was still blowing, so the launch was scrubbed, but it was a fun park and beach. The lifeguard had recovered a boogie board and Noah had a great time trying to “surf” in the big waves.

Back in the marina, the manatees were cruising the slips looking for warm water. They seem to enjoy the outflow from air conditioning systems and generators. Several are quite large with scars on their backs and there is at least one calf.

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